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About us

Copier Solution Shop is supplier of accessories for the Copier- and Printer Market.

We can provide you with standard Locking Solutions such as Paper Tray Locks but we can also help you with Brand-specific solutions for a broad variety of Machine-types of all major Copier Brands.

Device Brackets

A Device Bracket connects your device (for example: BioStore, Equitrac, Live Register, Pcounter) to the machine in an ergonomic position with clean aesthetics. We supply various Device Brackets for all major Copier-and MFP Brands. Highly appreciated by users of Managed Print Services!


Paper Tray Locks / PaperLocks are (universal) locking devices for Copiers and Printers, of which it is not pre-determined which machines or configuration they fit. By using ‘templates’ you can ‘try & fit’ which of the different PaperLocks suits your project.

All different PaperLocks can be sourced in a 200N (20kg/44lbs strength) or 400N (40kg/88lbs strength) version.


A machine specific Paper Clamp locks the paper drawers so they can’t be opened without a key. Ideal for MFP’s placed in Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Malls or any other Public Area. The paper tray clamp is easy to install, friendly to use and immediately effective. No PaperClamp available for your machine, try a PaperLock!

Security kits

A Security Kit protects the complete machine or specific parts of it and locks the paper trays and toner compartment. Useful for machines in unattended areas like Supermarkets, Schools etc. In many cases, a Security Kit can be combined with a Panel/interface Cover and/or Coinbox Bracket.

Interface Covers

A Panel Cover / Interface Cover hides the buttons that are prohibited to use. Customer specific layout is possible if required. An Interface Cover can be combined with a Security Kit and/or Coinbox Bracket.

Dust Protection

The DustCab prevents dust to enter the machine by creating over-pressure. Ideal for copiers/MFP's placed in a very dusty environment such as production factories. The over-pressure will be created by using an internal or external ventilation unit.

Assist Handle

The Assist Handle can be used by disabled people to open and close the copier-top.

If you require a solution that is not mentioned on our website, please contact us for the possibilities at

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