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PaperLock or Paperclamp?

The difference between a PaperLock and a PaperClamp is that a PaperLock is an universal item which might fit on every machine configuration. Just download the template and follow the instructions.

A PaperClamp is machine specific developed and will only fit on the mentioned machine configurations. Just check the Solution Configurator and see if there is a PaperClamp for your machine configuration.

How do I determine which solutions are available for my machine configuration?

In order to determine which PaperClamp / PaperLock you need for your machine configuration, select "brand" & "Machine model" for the complete overview of available solutions.

No solution available? Maybe a Universal PaperLock can fulfill your needs?
Please contact for the possibilities.

Currency, VAT and shipping costs

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Shipping will be arranged with UPS and is based on DAP conditions.

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